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Planning Permission

Planning permission approval for a single storey extension to a terraced property in Martyr Worthy, Hampshire.


After working closely with the Planning Officer assigned to the case, planning permission was recently approved for a single storey rear extension to an existing house in the South Downs National Park.

The existing house had been extended previously and had reached the maximum permissible footprint under the current local planning legislation. Following a site meeting and conversations with the Planning Officer was approved in part due to the clients current and future living requirements.

The new extension will be finished externally with facing brickwork that will closely match the existing house with the intention of it helping the new blend with the old. There will be a single ply membrane with standing seam roof finish with a double glazed lantern cited centrally on the roof to flood the area below in natural daylight. The introduction of large sliding doors in the kitchen create a continuation of the space out into the garden and provide a level access.